Reducing Carbon Emissions at York University


York University

Mode of Transport


Type of intervention

Outreach, Carpool program

The Smart Commute program runs York University’s Priority Carpool Program at their Keele Campus.


Each semester:

We engage with 100+ students and staff

We reduce carbon emissions by ~70 tonnes

We help the York U community save over $9,000 in gas savings

We save 50+ parking spaces

The average commute time for students and staff travelling to York University is 56 minutes, and those with longer commutes reported lower commute satisfaction. Carpooling is a great option when travelling longer distances, as it can be quicker and more direct than taking multiple forms of transit.

However, through commuter surveys and outreaches, we have found that only a small number of commuters take the initiative to find a carpool match on their own; most people need additional assistance to set up a carpool that works for them.

In February 2017 – March 2018, we ran a campaign to help more people find carpool partners by providing personalized support online and in person. By providing additional resources on carpooling, 402 people registered for our ride-matching and trip logging tool, and 92 carpool trips were logged.


Contact us to find out how we can help you reduce your parking demand and encourage more sustainable forms of commuting at your organization.


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