Best Workplaces for Commuters: MITRE

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Washington, DC area

Mode of Transport

Driving, cycling, remote working, and public transit

Type of intervention

Carpool Program, Shuttle Program, Commuter Education  

The Opportunity

MITRE is a not-for-profit organization headquartered In McLean, Virginia and Bedford, Massachusetts and 60 offices globally. 

How BWC Helped

MITRE has been a Best Workplace for Commuters since 2013. The organization has a history of offering more sustainable travel options for employees. Their comprehensive commuting program for the 3,600 employees in the Washington, DC area includes:  

  1. A shuttle service between offices and transit stations.  
  2. Transportation and commuting kits during orientation for all new hires.  
  3. Guaranteed ride home program.  
  4. Reserved parking for carpools and vanpools.  
  5. Electric vehicle charging stations. 
  6. Pre-tax commuter benefits via payroll deductions.  
  7. Employees can earn points for redeemable discounts by logging their sustainable commutes.  
  8. Discounted carshare memberships.  
  9. Active transportation facilities, including bicycle parking and free access to shower and locker facilities for cyclists, joggers, and walkers. 
  10. Flexible working hours policy.

The Results

The data collected from the implementation of these programs, have led to several achievements for MITRE, including:

387 less cars on roads each day

46% reduction in driving alone among carpoolers

A reduction of 8.1 million employee vehicle kilometres annually

Over 950,00 litres of gas saved annually

14,000 shuttle passengers annually

Source: Employer Commute Benefit Program Case Study (2015). Available at: https://www.commuterconnections.org/wp-content/uploads/Mitre-case-study.docx [Accessed: January 3, 2022].

Disclaimer: The information presented above is taken from the source document. pointA does not take responsibility for any errors or omissions in the information presented. Please note that pointA did not work with MITRE on their commuting program. 


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