Best Workplaces for Commuters: Cirrus Logic

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Austin, Texas

Mode of Transport

Shuttles, Public Transit, Cycling

Type of intervention

Shuttle Program, Cycling Program, Subsidy, Commuter Education

The Opportunity

Cirrus Logic, a specialized semi-conductor company with about 1,600 employees moved its office to downtown Austin in 2012. With this move, employees faced significant congestion due to the growth of the city and lack of infrastructure and only had access to about 400 parking spaces. They wanted their employees to use more public transit, while making commuting more accessible and affordable.

How BWC Helped

Cirrus Logic offers a variety of transportation options to their employees, including:

  1. 100% reimbursement for public transit
  2. Private shuttle program
  3. Support trail network for cycling and walking with shower and locker facilities, cycling repair workshops and cycling to work days.


Through the implementation of these initiatives, employee commutes are more accessible and affordable and they spend less time in their cars. Additionally, supporting the trail network has allowed employees to take up cycling to work and become more active.

The Results

Since the integration of these initiatives, employee satisfaction has risen, with employees happy to see the company taking an active role in employee challenges and needs. Additionally, more employees have utilized the trail network, and have taken on a more active lifestyle and commuting style.

160 fewer cars on roads each day (~20% of employees)

90% employee satisfaction rating

644 metric tons of emissions reduced

Source: Keep Austin Moving: Showcasing Two Best Workplaces for Commuters (2019) Available at: Keep Austin Moving: Showcasing Two Best Workplaces for Commuters (Accessed January 11, 2023).

Disclaimer: The information presented above is taken from the source document. pointA does not take responsibility for any errors or omissions in the information presented. Please note that pointA did not work with Cirrus Logic on their commuting program. 


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