Best Workplaces for Commuters: Intuit

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California, United States

Mode of Transport

Shuttles, Vanpooling, Carpooling, Cycling

Type of intervention

Carpool Program, Shuttle Program, Emergency Ride Home Program

The Opportunity

Intuit has several worksites across the United States and specializes in financial software. They offer a variety of commuting supports, from a $150/month subsidy for each employee, to free bike share including lockers and showers, shuttles that take both employees and the public, a vanpooling and carpool program, and five emergency rides home per year per employee. (Note: The services may vary by worksite.)

How BWC Helped

Intuit learned about BWC in 2014 and the program has helped them with the following:

  1. Conduct a third-party assessment of their current commuting programs – An assessment of the effectiveness of current commuting solutions and gaps is rolled into the service fees for BWC. This enabled Intuit to receive professional advice about their commuting programs without having to search for another third-party vendor.
  2. Add to their existing list of accolades – Intuit already receives a number of other certifications, awards, and recognition. BWC adds to this list and the publicity is an added bonus.
  3. Invest in employee culture through an easy and clear pathway – Given the challenges of getting employees to work depending on the availability of commuting options by location, the program makes it easy to package and ‘sell’ to senior management for their support. In turn, employees have access to different commuting options that promote a sense of community. In fact, Intuit employees threw a birthday party for a shuttle driver!
  4. Tap into the free resources after becoming a member – BWC offers many free benefits from being Best Workplace, all of which are rolled into the program fee.

The Results

BWC has helped Intuit improve their employee commuting programs to maximize their effectiveness and usage. The BWC program also provides them with ideas and ways to meet the evolving needs of their employees while still qualifying for BWC certification year after year. Even as the pandemic has changed the way employees work, BWC continues to offer the flexibility for Intuit to adapt to these changes and still be recognized as a Best Workplace.

Source: Out of My Lane podcast S1E8: What makes a Best Workplace for Commuters?” (November 2022). Available at: https://www.cutr.usf.edu/2022/11/s1e8-bestworkplacesforcommuters/ [Accessed: January 3, 2023].

Disclaimer: The information presented above is taken from the source document. pointA does not take responsibility for any errors or omissions in the information presented. Please note that pointA did not work with Intuit on their commuting program. 


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