We are working towards having a region without congestion, less pollution from vehicles, and more sustainable travel options for everyone. Achieving these goals requires collaboration between various sectors. pointA can facilitate this collaboration.

Current Collaboration Opportunities

Sustainable Transportation Hub Cover
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Concept Paper: Industry Growth Hub for Sustainable Transportation 

We are currently seeking expressions of interest from partners and stakeholders that want to contribute to the development of the Hub, which is set to launch Spring 2022. 

If interested, please complete the information at this link – https://s.cotsurvey.chkmkt.com/TorontoHUB.

Our Collaboration Approach

A connected and sustainable transportation network underpins any successful or thriving economy. It enables employees to get to and from work and the delivery of goods without delays, which improves productivity and customer and employee satisfaction. Fewer greenhouse gas emissions are also emitted, and more individuals can benefit from active travel opportunities, such as cycling.


At pointA, we work with both providers and users of sustainable transportation and we understand that everyone wants the speedy and safe movement of goods and people. We also realize that paving more roads is not the answer.


We believe that if businesses, governments, academics, and individuals worked together, we could pool our resources and collective knowledge to create new, innovative solutions that will realize this vision. Collaboration could mean consolidating goods into a local warehouse that uses cargo bikes or low emissions and quieter vehicles to finish delivery, or an integrated cycling network across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.


These ideas are not new, but they do require that collaboration to make happen. We bring together businesses and organizations to foster collaboration on sustainable transportation solutions that benefit the environment, the economy and our well-being.

pointA's role

Collaborate with us

If you have a project idea, or just want to contribute to a project, we’d love to hear from you! Please email Dorinda So at dso@pointa.ca

Notable clients

pointA has worked with the City of Toronto’s Economic Development & Culture department as well as the TCI Network in Barcelona as part of a project funded by the European Commission.