The Smart Commute Program

We proudly operate the Smart Commute program in North Toronto and Vaughan on behalf of City of Toronto and York Region. We help commuters try out smart travel options such as walking, cycling, transit, teleworking and carpooling. The goal is to reduce traffic congestion and to take action on climate change.

Smart Commute is a leader in providing commuter solutions to employers across the GTHA. Through Smart Commute we partner with employers and property managers to deliver programs and services that meet your needs, improve your bottom line and maximize commuting options for employees. Using proven strategies, we encourage commuters to change their travel behaviour for the better.

Joining the Smart Commute program helps your staff commute more sustainably. It can include:

  • Carpooling Tool: A dedicated online network for your workplace will make it easy for employees to find colleagues looking to share rides to work and measure the impact of their travel choices
  • Emergency Ride Home: In the event of an emergency, employees who carpool, take transit, cycle or walk to work can travel home quickly on us (up to $75)
  • Annual Events and Campaigns: We offer a variety of campaigns throughout the year promoting sustainable transportation, such as Bike to Work Day, Bike Month, and Carpool Week
  • Clinics and Workshops: Workshops and webinars on bike safety, how to use PRESTO, finding a carpool partner, trip planning, and more can ease the transition to a better commute
  • Commute Program Expertise: We’ll work with you to design custom programming to address your transportation challenges. Our expertise ranges from data collection to feasibility studies for car share, carpooling or transit subsidies, and implementation of vanpool programs

Smart Commute and COVID-19

We are monitoring COVID-19 closely and adjusting our services to respond to the “new normal.” We have temporarily paused all in-person outreaches, workshops and events and instead have been focusing on developing webinars and other resources.

How do I sign up?

  1.  Speak to a member of our programs team and share your organization’s goals and needs. You can email us or give us a call at 647-920-3751.
  2. We’ll send you a customized Smart Commute program plan that outlines the proposed solutions for your needs, along with a price estimate.
  3. Together, we make the necessary changes to your workplan based on your feedback.
  4. Once you sign off on the workplan, we start onboarding and implementing where needed.
  5. Start to see results happen!

Find out more about the Smart Commute program in North Toronto and Vaughan.

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