Sustainable Transportation Workshops

Our workshops are a great way for your employees, community or school to learn more about the sustainable transportation options available to them. The workshops will be tailored to the audience so attendees receive the information that is most relevant to them and their situation.

All our workshops are 30-60 minutes in length and can be delivered in person at your organization or in webinar format. They are great for lunch and learns, webinar series, staff development days, sustainability campaigns and more.

To book a workshop submit a booking request and we will provide you with pricing information.

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Carpool/Driving Workshops

How to Get Started with Carpooling

Reduce parking demand and your organization’s environmental impact by helping your employees carpool. This workshop will cover how to find a carpool partner and provide tips on how to keep a carpool running smoothly. Participants will be provided with a carpool starter pack to take away.

Format: Interactive presentation and Q&A with option to follow with a mix and mingle to help attendees find a carpool match right away. Also available as a webinar.

Carpool Mix and Mingle

This is an optional add-on to the How to Get Started with Carpooling workshop. There is often some reluctance to start carpooling because people don’t know whom they would share a ride with. Our mix and mingles allow people travelling from similar areas to connect and work out potential carpool arrangements in person. We provide questions to help them get started and guidance to help them identify if the match will work.

Format: In person. Participants will be sorted into smaller groups to better facilitate carpool ride matching.

Carshare in Your City

Enjoy the benefits of a car without owning one. This workshop explores various carshare providers, where to find them locally and how it works. We’ll also cover the benefits of carshare versus owning a personal vehicle.

Format: Interactive presentation and Q&A. Also available as a webinar.

Transit Workshops

How to use PRESTO on TTC and Beyond

With multiple routes, transit agencies and fare systems, transit can be confusing. We will guide participants through the options available to them and provide advice on finding the best route and the cheapest fare. The workshop will showcase the free apps available to make commuting easier, the latest information on PRESTO and how to use it.

Format: Interactive presentation and Q&A. Also available as a webinar.

Cycling Workshops

Incorporating Cycling into Your Commute

Participants will receive practical advice on how to incorporate cycling into their commute. The workshop covers topics such as equipment, route planning, and safety. Participants will also learn about different options for incorporating cycling into their commute routine, such as cycling to transit.

Format: Interactive presentation and Q&A. Also available as a webinar.

Walking workshops

Incorporating Walking into Your Commute

Walking is more than good exercise! This workshop will highlight the benefits of walking to work, covering safety tips and pedestrian etiquette to help participants get started. We will provide guidance on finding the perfect route and showcase the best apps to track results, stay motivated and get rewarded.

Format: A short interactive presentation and Q&A. Option to follow with either a one-on-one route planning session or a group walk. Also available as a webinar.

Establishing a Walking Club or Group at Work

Boost productivity and improve creativity at your workplace by encouraging walking clubs or groups. In this workshop we will focus on how to establish and maintain a walking group, outline the benefits of walking and the opportunities to incorporate walking into the workday through walking meetings and brainstorms.

Format: Interactive presentation and Q&A with the option to follow with a group walk. Also available as webinar.

Pricing details will be provided upon receipt of workshop booking request.

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