Connecting tenants to their community

The challenge

111 Gordon Baker Road is located 4 km north of Don Mills Subway Station. With limited transit options from the subway station and no transit options straight to the front door of the building from Don Mills Subway Station, Stockton & Bush recognized a need for better connections to transit in order to retain tenants. 

How we helped

We operate a shuttle bus for employees at 111 and 155 Gordon Baker Rd. which connects the two office buildings to Don Mills Subway Station at several times in the morning and evening and takes employees to Fairview Mall during lunchtime.  

Jason Smolar of Stockton & Bush, the property management company for 111 Gordon Baker Road, said joining Smart Commute helped set them apart from other buildings in the area and connects their tenants to the surrounding community by expanding their food and shopping choices in a convenient way. 

“Many of our building tenants come from all over Toronto, making accessibility a crucial factor they consider when deciding where to work. It has a powerful impact on how tenants can attract and retain talent,” he said.  

In addition to a successful shuttle program, we provided one-on-one support to employees at 111 Gordon Baker Rd. to help them find a carpool match through the Smart Commute Tool.  “One of our tenants shared with me how ecstatic she was after being introduced to the Smart Commute Carpooling Tool,” Smolar said, “Her commute time was cut in half and she made a new and meaningful friendship in the process. Now she raves about her commute as they share stories and discuss similar interests including various podcasts listened to on the way to work.”