Construction mitigation along Eglinton Avenue

The challenge

Eglinton Crosstown construction is anticipated to affect hundreds of businesses along the Eglinton Avenue corridor. In fall 2017 we worked together with Smart Commute Scarborough to launch a construction mitigation project to assist businesses with getting around.

How we helped

The goal during this initial outreach to businesses was to introduce and promote the ‘4Rs’ (Reduce, Retime, Remode and Reroute) to employers and coordinate efforts with Crosslinx, Metrolinx, and City of Toronto Planning and Economic Development teams.

Throughout the fall and winter, we delivered in-person and online workshops to businesses to highlight how Smart Commute can assist with common challenges associated with construction and provide a forum for employers to identify their key issues. The workshops enabled us to each out to businesses and hear their concerns. The Metrolinx Community Relations team co-presented on construction information and planned outcomes to highlight the exciting future of Eglinton Avenue.

As construction continues, we plan to maintain this work throughout 2018-19 by providing further assistance to businesses through helping them develop Construction Travel Plans and supporting their employees.