Creating efficiencies through vanpools at Alectra Utilities

The challenge

Alectra Utilities (formerly PowerStream) is committed to implementing strategies and initiatives to help protect the environment. With suburban office locations and a workforce that often commutes long distances, Alectra wanted a high occupancy vehicle solution to get its staff to work.

How we helped

Through the Smart Commute program, we partnered with Alectra Utilities to set up what is now Ontario’s largest vanpool program. Starting off with a pilot of two vanpools, the program has now expanded to 10 vehicles carrying 70 riders along 6 different routes in the Greater Toronto Area. Such is its success and popularity, there are plans underway to expand the program.

The benefits to staff are clear. They can share the burden of driving to work with their colleagues, and enjoy reduced fuel costs, a fixed schedule, access to high-occupancy vehicle lanes, reduced wear-and-tear on their personal vehicle, and the chance to get to know their colleagues better. This leads to benefits for Alectra Utilities through increased employee productivity and retention.

The vans are owned by Alectra Utilities and users pay the ongoing cost of operation and maintenance, which is usually $60-110 per month. For most commuters, this is considerably less than the cost of driving alone to work in a personal vehicle. During the day, the vans are made available for the company to use.

The employee vanpool program eliminates over 300 tones of greenhouse gases each year by taking employee personal vehicles off the road during the morning and evening commutes.