Smart Commute outreach at Rutherford GO station

Educating customers on commuting options to GO Stations

The challenge
As GO Transit increases train services, it’s important to help customers find new ways of getting to the station. Rates of carpooling and cycling access to GO stations in Vaughan is low, with only 4-9% of passengers choosing to access the station this way. However, both carpooling and cycling represent viable modes of transportation for passengers.

How we helped

Through the Smart Commute program, we:

  • Hosted outreach events at GO stations in Vaughan to speak directly with commuters about carpooling and cycling options
  • Provided guidance on how to use the Smart Commute tool to find a carpool partner and how to sign up to the carpool parking program at the GO stations
  • Provided cycling resources, including bike maps and route information to support those interested in cycling in overcoming their barriers

As a result, cycling and carpooling to the GO stations increased with participants either trying a new mode for the first time or increasing their frequency. Awareness of the different commute options available to GO customers also increased.