Encouraging transit by providing last mile solutions

The challenge

Consumers Road Business Park and Gordon Baker Road are employment-dominated areas with limited transit permeability making it difficult for employees to take transit to work.

How we helped

We partnered with employers and property managers in these areas, bringing them together to establish two multi-employer shuttle bus services from Don Mills Subway Station. Both shuttles run in the morning and evening peak periods and provide service to Fairview Mall over the lunch period.

By providing a shuttle bus that connects the first and last commuting mile between the transit hub and the workplace, transit immediately becomes a far more attractive option for employees. The shuttles are a key component in supporting employee commutes, increasing job satisfaction and staff retention, and helping property managers retain happy tenants.

Our shuttle buses were the first multi-employer shuttles in Toronto. They have allowed multiple property managers and employers to enjoy the benefits of a shuttle service, through reduced cost and third party coordination, which ordinarily they would not be able to accommodate.