York Mills Centre map

Helping employees manage parking reduction

The challenge
In August 2018, Segal LLP relocated its offices to York Mills Centre, at 4025 Yonge Street. There were concerns from Segal senior management, as well as among Segal staff, on how employees would manage their commute to a new work location, since parking was free and plentiful at the old office location, but not at York Mills Centre.

The property manager at York Mills Centre, Manulife Real Estate, partnered with us through the Smart Commute program to assist in the relocation.

How we helped
We hosted a Commute Consultation workshop in June 2018 at Segal’s former offices to demonstrate the tools and resources available through Smart Commute and to introduce commute options at York Mills Centre. We also offered one on one commute consultation to staff who attended our workshop, and provided personalized travel plans to the 30% of staff who signed up to receive one.

To further support employees with their new commute, we delivered Transit & PRESTO and Carpooling 101 webinars to showcase the options available.

Forty-one percent of those who received a personalized travel plan changed from driving alone to a new sustainable mode. Those that switched modes started carpooling (57%) or taking transit (43%). One hundred percent of the employees who changed their commute were satisfied with their new commute.