Smart Commute outreach in Consumers Road Business Park

Improving commutes to Consumers Road Business Park

The challenge

Located between highways 404 and 401, Sheppard Avenue East and Victoria Park Avenue, Consumers Road Business Park is one of Toronto’s most concentrated areas of office jobs.

The ConsumersNext Transportation Master Plan requires mitigation efforts to manage growth in the area. A key recommendation is to increase awareness and utilization of programs like Smart Commute to accelerate the uptake of non-SOV modes, while avoiding major congestion issues.

How we helped

Through the Smart Commute program, we engaged with employees in the business park to gauge their interest in proposed changes to improve mobility options for the business park. Options under consideration include a shuttle bus connecting Agincourt and/or Oriole GO stations to the business park, a new GO bus stop near Victoria Park Avenue and Highway 401 serviced by a new connecting shuttle bus, and more carshare vehicles across the business park. This built upon a Transportation Forum we hosted in January 2018 to bring together local businesses to discuss the transportation opportunities and challenges of the area. We are working towards implementing EcoMobility hubs within the Consumers Road area, which include elements such as carpool parking, electric vehicle charging stations, carshare, pick-up/drop-off points for transportation network companies (TNCs), shuttles, transit, and bikeshare. We are excited to continue working on this project.