Investigating micro-transit willingness

The challenge
Metrolinx and York Region Transit are exploring micro-transit shuttle options at Maple and Rutherford GO Stations to alleviate parking pressure through providing an alternative access mode. In order to get a clearer understanding of the customer perspective and ensure micro-transit is an attractive and successful station access offering, more data on customer behaviour and attitudes was required.

How we helped
We conducted a passenger survey at both Maple and Rutherford Stations to gain an understanding from customers about what prevents them from choosing alternatives to driving alone and what would attract them to a new micro-transit service. The survey solicited nearly 500 responses and provided valuable data on customer barriers and willingness to switch modes.

In addition, survey respondents were provided with the opportunity to request a personalized travel plan to help them explore alternatives ways of accessing the stations. Almost 200 customers requested this information and were sent information about their transit, carpooling, walking and cycling options.