Promoting sustainable commuting among students

The challenge

To raise awareness of sustainable commuting options among students at Seneca, we piloted a ‘Commute Concierge’ service from May to November 2017. The pilot aimed to explore new ways of reaching students by providing commute information that would not only help to increase the number of students taking sustainable modes but also to improve commute satisfaction.

How we helped

Students were provided with a personalized commuter guide detailing their transportation options, including possible routes and the cost break down. Over 350 students were engaged at our outreach events across both the Seneca Newnham and Seneca@York campuses.

The pilot was successful, with 66% of participants stating it increased their awareness of commuting options and 21% changing their commute as a result. In 2018/19 we plan to expand the scope of this project and reach a wider audience by including the commuter guides in orientation packages for staff and students.