Promoting sustainable transportation to Weston Station customers

The challenge

Toronto’s Weston Station is used by over 1,000 customers daily and has service provided by the GO Kitchener line and the UP Express.

Finding parking is a challenge for many customers at the station. In May 2019, Metrolinx began a construction project that further reduced parking availability at Weston Station and increased the need for people to shift from driving alone to the station.

How we helped

We held five outreaches at Weston Station between May and September on behalf of Metrolinx.  Staff were on site to engage with commuters about the station improvements, and their options for getting to the station other than driving alone.

pointA staff also promoted a survey to study how commuters travelled to the station. In the survey, commuters had the opportunity to sign up to receive a personalized travel plan tailored to their interests (walking, cycling, public transit routes and schedules, and/or carpooling information) based on their home postal code.

In the fall, the project was supplemented with a Try Transit pilot to encourage commuters to take transit to the GO train. Through this pilot, station customers could participate by registering and then taking local transit (TTC) to/from GO Transit at Weston Station. In return, qualifying participants could receive a $100 PRESTO voucher, if they were not already using a combination of TTC and GO Transit.

One hundred and thirty people received personalized travel plans, and nearly 200 people expressed interest in the Try Transit pilot.

After the pilot, 56% of Try Transit pilot participants reported that they will take the TTC to Weston GO Station at least once a week over the next 12 months. The PRESTO voucher incentive was reported as the main reason for participating in the pilot.

The feedback provided through the survey and at outreaches was shared with Metrolinx to further improve the customer experience at Weston Station.