Supporting employee relocation at RBC

The challenge

RBC relocated 1,600 employees from their downtown office to York Mills Centre. Prior to the move, a large proportion of employees chose alternatives to driving alone for their commute to work. RBC wanted to give employees the support they needed to continue their sustainable commuting habits at the new location.

How we helped

Through the Smart Commute program, we:

  • Provided employees with a customized Commuter Options Guide that showcased the transportation options available at the new workplace
  • Provided additional support to employees through personal travel planning
  • Held town hall events and surveys to collect data on desired GO Transit route changes among staff and presented this information to GO Transit

Office relocations are periods of change that are often stressful for employees. We helped reduce commuting-related stress by giving employees the resources they need to make informed choices about their commute.

The Commuter Options Guide was an effective solution that helped RBC employees to continue their healthy commuting habits after the move, fostering wellness, productivity, and job satisfaction. This service benefited RBC as an employer by supporting retention and recruitment efforts and helping to achieve sustainability targets. Post-relocation, the proportion of sustainable commuters remained high at 83%, even though York Mills Centre is less accessible by public transit and active transportation.