office relocation commute support

Get to the new office sustainably

Support your staff with their new commutes. Office relocations can be stressful for staff who must change their commute routine. We can make this transition easier by providing support to help them plan their new commute.

Customized commuter options guides

Help your staff understand all the sustainable commuting amenities available at their new office location, such as bike parking, electric vehicle charging, carpool parking spaces or transit stops with a customized commuter options guide.

Commute consultation workshops

These workshops will help employees better understand the commuting options for their new office. Individual support can also be made available at workshops to help employees determine the best options for their sustainable commute, such as cycling, walking or transit routes, or advice on finding a carpool partner.


Help your employees feel more comfortable taking transit or cycling to work with webinars on PRESTO and transit, safe cycling, carpooling, and more.

Personalized travel planning

Staff receive a personalized travel plan that will show their individualized commute options based on their home postal code. We can also include carbon emissions and cost savings if taking a sustainable mode of transportation.

Town hall events and surveys

We act as an intermediary between your organization, property managers and transit agencies to help you improve the sustainable transportation options available at your workplace. If there are concerns about the new commute such as transit stop locations or bike parking, we organize town hall events and coordinate surveys to collect feedback from employees prior to the office relocation. Collected data is analyzed and presented to transit agencies or property managers to work towards a solution that benefits your employees.

Feasibility studies and site assessments

If you are unsure if your new office location has the necessary transportation amenities, we can determine which services employees may need at the new location, such as a shuttle service to a nearby transit station.