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Remote work support through Smart Commute

The Smart Commute program has traditionally focused on delivering services and programming that promote carpooling, cycling, public transit, walking, and telework – otherwise known as remote work or hybrid work. Working from home or hybrid work has typically been only a small piece of the Smart Commute program. However, remote work is one of the key tools within the TDM toolkit to reduce congestion and gridlock, as well as the associated GHG emissions and costs. 

With remote or hybrid work, comes it’s challenges. This suite of services aims to tackle all of telework’s challenges, from communication to productivity to employee engagement. Supporting workplaces and employees with hybrid and remote work is vital as we enter a new workplace shift since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and with employees beginning to return to the office or workplace. It is important to offer employees and organizations alike solutions to the gaps they may find. 


Our remote work support offerings:

Hybridity Assessment

Assessing whether a job can be made remote, and helping organizations bridge the gap between in-person work to remote work, taking into consideration the manager’s expectations and the employee’s commuting experience.

Remote Work Evaluation

This solution is in response to the lack of a clear feedback loop for employees when working remotely. To close the feedback loop, this solution evaluates how well hybrid is working and helps individuals identify challenges, opportunities and solutions.

Commute Concierge

Establish a helpline, call line, or chat-bot where someone from the Smart Commute team can help address the concerns that employees and users might have.

Health & Wellness Activities

Use the Smart Commute Tool to find other co-workers who are interested in creating neighbourhood or community groups related to active travel and recreation (e.g., walking, cycling, jogging, skateboarding).

GHG Reporting

The Smart Commute program, with a particular focus on hybrid and remote work, helps organizations achieve their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals and reduce their GHG emissions. The reporting will be based on the GHG Protocol – Scope 3 emissions.

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