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Keep your employees healthy, happy, and productive working from home.

Remote work has many names including work from home, telecommuting, teleworking, or distributed work. This type of work takes place outside of the traditional workplace, whether that is at an employee’s home, a local café or coworking space, or on the road.

Remote work has many compelling advantages for organizations to:

·       increase productivity,

·       reduce turnover

·       decrease operating costs, in turn boosting the bottom line.

·       be environmentally sustainable, reducing your GHG emissions from commuting

·       For employees, remote work means flexibility and autonomy.

An Angus Reid survey found that 77% of respondents said that the flexibility and autonomy to determine when and where they work directly affects their decision to stay with their employer. This is critical for businesses who want to retain top-performing talent. 

Despite these advantages, many organizations are unable to reap the full benefits of remote work. This is due to outdated policies and practices, and insufficient resources. The Canadian Institute for Safety, Wellness & Performance (CISWP) found that 80% of their survey respondents felt tired at the end of the workday at home, indicating burn out, and nearly 70% had signs of musculoskeletal disorders. When employees are unwell, they do not perform optimally.

Addressing the concerns of remote employees early can reduce potential complications and help organizations build a strong workforce. The time is now to take your organization to the next level with our support.


 How pointA can support your organization

Setting up walking, cycling, and carpooling employee groups

Our dedicated online network enables employees to find others who live in their area to set up groups for a “fake commute,” run errands, or to get lunch while working from home.

ESG goals reporting

Our GHG Protocol reporting captures the environmental impact of remote work for your sustainability reporting.

Remote employee onboarding

We co-design an onboarding experience with your HR department to ensure that the onboarding experience is seamless for new employees working from home.

Employee engagement sessions

We offer live, interactive sessions for your employees that focus on improving physical and mental health while working remotely.

Employee feedback sessions

We provide a neutral and safe space for employees to share their challenges about their work from home experience. An anonymized, recommendations report will be provided to you.

Hybrid/remote work strategy advice

As experts in remote work, we can help you design your hybrid remote work strategy. If you already have one in place, we can support your implementation needs.

Download our Remote Work Toolkit

Interested in designing your own remote work strategy or setting up hybrid remote work for your workplace? 

The Remote Work Toolkit features more than 40 pages of tools, templates, and advice to help you learn the skills to move any or all parts of your business to remote.

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