How to Boost Your Step Count This Spring

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After a winter that felt like it was never going to end, it’s time to get outside and enjoy the warm weather! Here’s some tips to help you make the most of it.

1) Join a Jane’s Walk

Jane’s Walk is an annual festival of free walks in neighbourhoods across Toronto and the world, inspired by Jane Jacobs. Learn something new about your community and connect with your neighbours on May 3-5th. Find a walk near you.

2) Set up a walking group at work

Walking regularly with others helps keep you motivated. Choose a day and time and plan out routes near your workplace that follow side streets and green areas if possible. Use www.walkscore.com to help you determine how far you can walk in a certain length of time. Advertise your group in the lunch room, on Slack, or wherever your colleagues are likely to see it.

3) Get off transit one stop early

If you take transit to work, consider getting off one stop early to build more exercise into your day. You can also build a quick high intensity interval training into your day by leaving just enough time to run to the bus or streetcar instead of getting to the stop early and waiting. Use apps like Rocket Man to track when transit is on its way, or text your stop ID to the number provided on TTC stops, or call the number provided at YRT stops.

4) Use the Carrot Rewards app

Get rewarded for all your walking with the Carrot app. Meeting your daily step goal or doing a step challenge with a friend earns you points towards your favourite programs, such as Scene points, or Aeroplan points and more.

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