Five People Tell Us Why They Love Their Sustainable Commute

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We asked people who are employed by workplaces part of the Smart Commute program in north Toronto and Vaughan to share their stories of sustainable commuting – why they chose to commute sustainably and why they love it. Here are some of the stories we received.

I began carpooling for two simple reasons – environmental responsibility and fun. A group of us regularly carpool to and from work because we know it is more sustainable, cost-effective, and it is far faster and cheaper compared to public transit. Sharing stories and listening to music with coworkers makes the drive go by a lot faster.

-Robbie, City of Vaughan

I walk to work every day because 1. It’s my 14-minute exercise time before and after work (I save on gas and less pollution from driving) and 2. I see and meet people in my neighborhood and on my path to and from work that I wouldn’t if I drove. I always love meeting new people 🙂 My advice for others looking to switch up their commute is that you should give it a try; you’ll be surprised how it will change you.

-Angela, Vaughan Public Libraries

I love having a buffer between home and work. As I walk, I can clear my head and plan the next step in my day. It has made time for me to listen to podcasts which I find interesting and can use in my lectures. This gives me bonus time in my day just for me. I am a better employee and better person to be around at home for the breather it affords me.

-Nadia, Seneca College

I ride the VIVA YRT bus to work every day. The 40-minute journey gives me the time to listen to my favourite podcast and daily motivational tips on having an awesome day at work. I enjoy the ride because it’s easily accessible and usually a smooth ride to and from work. Also, it gives me the opportunity to save money that would have been spent on car maintenance and insurance.  With more people boarding the bus, there will be fewer cars on the street, which will have a positive impact on the environment. Why wait?

-Olusola, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

I switched from driving to cycling and walking. I switched because driving takes longer. The traffic in my area has gotten progressively worse over the years and with the recent construction it’s become unbearable. The new commute has improved my appreciation for my community and my favourite part is getting fresh air. Think outside the box and try not to limit yourself. Sometimes it’s easier to make excuses why not to do it, however it’s worth it in the end.

-Mark, City of Vaughan

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