Supporting Segal LLP’s Relocation to York Mills Centre


North York, Toronto

Mode of Transport

Carpooling and Transit

Type of intervention

Office Relocation

Project background

In August 2018, Segal LLP, an accounting firm of 83 staff, was planning to relocate its offices from North York’s Sheppard Avenue East to York Mills Centre. There was concern among management and staff about the relocation as the new work location lacked free parking.  

As a result, the Smart Commute team was brought in to provide customized commute support to all Segal employees.  

Project goal

The primary goal of the project was to reduce staff single occupancy vehicles (SOV) trips by providing information, maps and advice on the sustainable commute options available to employees to and from the new location.

Project activities

The Smart Commute team’s timely and comprehensive support of Segal’s relocation efforts included conducting several workshops, surveys, and 1:1 commute consultations on site and by phone. Employees were also supported with online resources.  

Following these efforts, 30% of employees requested a Smart Commute Personalized Travel Plan (PTP), which detailed their commute options, including cost and time comparisons, to help them make an informed decision.  

Webinars were delivered on topics such as Transit & PRESTO Cards and Carpooling 101 to further highlight sustainable commute options across the City of Toronto, and to and from neighbouring regions. The topics chosen were determined by PTP registration forms and staff surveys. 

Results and achievements 

41% switched from driving alone to a new sustainable commute

Those that switched modes started carpooling (57%) or taking transit (43%)

100% of those who switched modes were ‘satisfied’ with their new commute

Follow up 

After the relocation, the Smart Commute team followed up with employees via onsite interviews and telephone calls. This was done to provide further personal travel mode change support if needed. Moreover, it allowed the team to determine and measure how overall commute behaviors had changed following the relocation and receive feedback on the PTPs.  


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