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If you have questions about PRESTO, you’re not alone! We’ve compiled below some of the questions we hear most often. If your question isn’t answered here, please see the PRESTO website, TTC’s website, or YRT’s website for FAQs and more information. 


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Q: Can the $6 PRESTO fee be waived?
A: The $6 fee cannot be waived, but there are occasional opportunities to receive a free PRESTO card at special events and at Toronto Libraries.

Q: If I get off a TTC vehicle briefly to do an errand and get back on, will I be charged again when I board transit?
A: If you pay with a PRESTO card, and you board transit again within two hours from exiting, you will not be charged another fare. TTC has allowed two hour transfers since August 2018.

Q: What is the cost of the 12 month pass for adults and students? Does it need to be paid in full at the time of commitment? 
A: The TTC 12 Month Pass is an annual pass that provides unlimited travel across the TTC. It requires a 12-month commitment for which you pay monthly at a discounted rate. Costs for adults are: $143.00 per month. Seniors/Youth: $117.45 per month, compared to the Adult Monthly Pass at $156.00 and the Post-Secondary Monthly Pass at $128.15 (with TTC post-secondary student photo ID). 

Eligible Toronto residents may qualify for the Fair Pass Transit Discount Program, which saves riders 33% on TTC adult fare single rides and 21% on TTC adult monthly passes when using a PRESTO card. Eligibility requirements can be found here.  

Q: How does PRESTO know if I’m a student or senior when I am purchasing my fare pass?
A: Seniors/youths must set a senior/youth fare type on their PRESTO card before they purchase a pass. You can visit any Customer Service Outlet to set specific fare types on your PRESTO card. Post secondary students must have a valid TTC student ID with them while travelling. While seniors must show a government issued photo ID.

Q: What do I need to get a TTC post-secondary student monthly pass?
A: Students can visit the TTC Bathurst Station Photo ID Office to obtain their monthly pass. Be sure to bring your proof of enrollment and government issued photo ID / school ID. TTC Student ID costs $5.25

Please note:  Sherbourne Station Photo ID Centre has closed permanently. 

Q: Can I use my PRESTO to pay for someone else with me (in addition to using it to pay my own fare)?
A: No. However, you may lend your card to someone else if they are in the same fare category as you (i.e. if you have a student pass on your card, the person borrowing it cannot use it unless they are also a student).


Q: Is there any difference between the new black cards and the old green cards?
A: Nope, just an updated look.

Q: Do the PRESTO cards expire?
A: PRESTO cards no longer expire, even if there is an expiry date shown on the card, you may continue to use your card.

Q: Is there a way to check my account without logging in to the website?
A: Yes, the PRESTO app is available for download on Android and iPhone.
The app also allows you to reload your card and see your activity, but it does not allow you to pay a fare with the app. At this time, you still need to travel with your PRESTO card.

Q: Can PRESTO cards be shared, like metropasses?
A: Yes, but the same card can’t be used for more than one person to travel at the same time.

Q: I commute to work from Cambridge. Why is the fare not uniform?
A: Each transit agency is responsible for setting their own fares. The PRESTO card helps you by holding funds so you can access all transit agencies in the GTHA with just one card.

Q: How do I claim transit fees with PRESTO when filing my taxes?
A: In the past, you could have claimed it using the Transit Usage Report generated by PRESTO, however the public transit tax subsidy has been cancelled so this is not possible right now.

Q: Do I need to tap off when I exit the subway or a TTC or YRT bus?
A: No. However, if you are transferring from the subway to a TTC, YRT or GO bus/train, you will need to tap on when you board the bus or train. You only need to tap off when you are riding a GO train or GO bus as their fares are determined by distance.

PRESTO Discounts and Integrated Fares

Q: Are PRESTO discounts available for GRT?
A: PRESTO is not currently available on the GRT.

Q: I like the discount program when using the GO and TTC. Is there any way to have a discount when using YRT and TTC?
A: Not at present, however YRT has implemented a discount program for customers taking YRT to GO Transit.

Q: How do fares work when I take a TTC bus to York Region?
A: If you are on a TTC bus that crosses Steeles Avenue you have to pay the YRT portion as you leave the bus in cash. If you transfer from a TTC bus to a YRT bus then you can pay both fares with your PRESTO card. See the TTC website for more information.

Customer Service for PRESTO users

Q: What if there is a delay on the subway or bus and I go over the 2 hour limit when I transfer? Do I pay twice?
A: If there is a large disruption causing a delay, contact Customer Support to request a refund.

Q: Are funds that are loaded onto a PRESTO Card permanently there? Is there a way to have some refunded if not used?
A: Yes, but there is a fee to extract funds from the PRESTO card.

PRESTO e-purse

Q: Where does the money loaded on the Presto stay before it is tapped? I noticed that any loaded funds do not show on the balance unless it is subsequently tapped.
A: It stays in your account until you tap and then it is transferred to PRESTO.

Q: If I add funds to my account, how long do I need to wait before I can use those funds?
A: Anywhere between 4-24 hours depending on which method you use. Read more here.

Q: Can a card hold (for example) a TTC monthly pass concurrently with a declining balance for GO/YRT?
A: Yes, you can add funds and a monthly pass on the PRESTO card. Read more here.

PRESTO Scanners

Q: Will TTC get tap machines that show the balance on your card when you tap, similar to the ones used by GO?
A: Yes, TTC tap machines now show the balance on your card or the applicable pass when tapped. PRESTO is currently working with all transit agencies to align the card readers, so they will all show the same information.

Q: GO offers a “cancel” button if you make a mistake. Does TTC offer a similar feature? I notice in the subway station, there is no way to cancel your tap.
A: No, there is no way to cancel your tap. Fortunately, because of the two-hour transfer benefit you will only be charged once over the two-hour period regardless of how many times you tap.

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