How to Change Commute Habits in Your Office

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Earth Day is on April 22 and it’s the perfect time to get your coworkers on board with sustainable commuting if they aren’t already. Here are some tips to encourage everyone in the office to leave their cars at home!

1. Share the Smart Commute tool

One of the barriers for carpooling is finding a carpool partner. Show them how many people are in their area on the tool and send them our tutorial videos to help get them started.

2. Help them find the best route

Triplinx and Google Maps help you plan a transit route and give you fare information and schedules.  Point out where the nearest transit stops are to your workplace and the easiest ways to get from there to your office entrance. Apps like RocketMan, Citymapper or Transit App are great for knowing when that next bus is coming.

3. Offer to cycle with them

If you’re an avid cyclist and live near some coworkers, invite them to join you on your bike ride to work to help get them familiar with the route and comfortable with cycling. Remind them that they don’t have to bike all the way to the office. Most subway stations have places to lock up your bike and all GO stations have bike parking.

4. Share your favourite reads and podcasts

The great thing about taking transit instead of driving is being able to read, listen to podcasts, teach yourself a new language, catch up on emails and a whole lot more. Get your team thinking about how they could make better use of their commute time by sharing some of your favourites.

5. Shout about the benefits!

Numerous studies show that active commuting is good for your health. Whether it’s cycling, walking, or running for the bus, leaving your car at home has serious physical and mental health benefits. Tell your colleagues how changing your commute helped you. Did you get more energy, make a new friend or discover a new favourite place along the way? Your story could inspire a coworker to try a different commute!

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