Our Shuttle Riders Share why They Enjoy the Shuttle

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pointA provides shared shuttle services that connect employees, tenants and customers from Don Mills station to nearby buildings. We currently run two routes, one connecting Don Mills station to the Consumers Road business park area, and the other to offices on Gordon Baker Road.

Here’s what three shuttle riders had to say about how the service improves their commute.

Karen, Gordon Baker Road shuttle rider who has taken the shuttle for the past 2-3 years

How taking the shuttle has improved her commute: “I appreciate Joanne when she is on time with arriving and leaving. She really drives with care for all her passengers and she’s so friendly. It’s truly a joy seeing her every morning when she picks us up for work.”

Favourite part of taking the shuttle: “That I know I can get to work without having to do too many transfers and get to work with ease. It is nice during the colder or snowy weather because you get dropped off right at the door. Joanne makes it better! You also can’t forget about Hristo during lunch either. He’s great, loves what he does, and very attentive to everyone”

Final comment: “Both Joanne and Hristo have been amazing shuttle drivers. I hope they know how hard they work and how they take care of us so well.”

Manesha, Consumers Road shuttle rider who started taking the shuttle under a year ago

“[The shuttle] gets me from and to work on time. Its worry free and very safe. [It] saves time to get to work in the morning and it is very practical in the evening. Thank you, Robert, for being an excellent driver.”

Kalisa, Gordon Baker Road shuttle rider who has taken the shuttle for over three years.

How taking the shuttle has improved her commute: “Being able to use this shuttle was one of the reasons I accepted the job offer at this location.”

Favourite part of taking the shuttle: “It is very convenient to have a bus arrive at your office door and sit back and relax. The bus is always clean, the drivers are very friendly and classical music adds nice touch to the overall experience.”

Final comment: “Big thank you to Joan and Hristo for excellent service!”

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