How Bike Share Toronto Changed my Life

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Written by Lauren McVittie, pointA Communications Coordinator

Our communications coordinator, Lauren McVittie, recently discovered a love for cycling thanks to Bike Share Toronto. Here is her story:

A few months ago, I moved into an apartment where the closest subway station is a 20 minute walk away – just a bit too far to walk if I’m in a rush, and I’m always in a rush. I had grown used to enjoying the easy mobility that living near a subway station offered, so it was hard to adjust to taking a bus to the subway. It took so much longer to get anywhere. This sparked an interest in Bike Share Toronto and here are all the ways it’s made my life better since I’ve become a member:

Quicker to get to the subway station

Having a Bike Share membership has allowed me to get to the subway station so much faster than waiting for the bus, and it’s also a lot more enjoyable! I love that Bike Share offers me mobility on demand. I will never wait for the bus again.

Cycle only where it’s comfortable

Bike Share has a pretty extensive system map and they’re adding 105 more stations this year. That makes it easier to cycle part of the way where there’s bike lanes and then dock the bike and switch to transit if I no longer feel confident on the road. Since I’m fairly new to cycling in Toronto, I like the freedom of being able to cycle for a short distance and not have to commit to doing my entire trip on a bicycle, or try wrangling my bike on the subway. Just dock it and go.

No worries about bike theft

When it comes to cycling in the city, worries about bike theft was always a barrier to me, especially if I was going to park my bike somewhere for a long time. Bike Share totally eliminates that fear and also allows me the flexibility to change my route home so I don’t have to return to pick up my bike.

Variety, flexibility and fun

I love integrating Bike Share into my trips across the city. Especially now that the weather is nice, it’s fun to explore other options for getting around instead of always being stuck on a bus, streetcar or subway. Having a Bike Share membership has opened up the city to me and has changed the way I think about getting around! Becoming a Bike Share member has changed me from someone who cycled maybe once or twice a year to someone who cycles almost every day. I’ve never felt so free.

Visit the Bike Share Toronto website for more information on membership pricing. PRESTO card holders get 20% off their first year of membership.

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