Smart Commute

Solving your commute challenges

Do you need help with a specific transportation challenge? Or do you want to explore how to make your organization more sustainable? Joining the Smart Commute program gives you access to ongoing support to address issues such as:

  • Talent acquisition and retention
  • Lack of parking spots
  • Long commutes
  • Congestion around your office

Smart Commute is an annual, customizable program

The Smart Commute program is customizable to meet the needs of your organization.

Smart Commute clients receive customized ongoing support that changes as your needs change. We proudly deliver the Smart Commute program in north Toronto and Vaughan on behalf of City of Toronto and York Region, joining other organizations who deliver the program across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

Smart Commute is a fee-for-service program that is customized to your workplace needs. Speak with our Business Development Manager, Jesse Han, to get more details on pricing.

Your organization's Smart Commute program may include any of the following:

Carpooling Tool

A dedicated online network for your workplace will make it easy for employees to find colleagues looking to share rides to work and measure the impact of their travel choices.

Emergency Ride Home

In the event of an emergency, employees who carpool, take transit, cycle or walk to work can travel home quickly on us (up to $75).

Annual Events and Campaigns

We offer a variety of campaigns throughout the year promoting sustainable transportation such as Bike to Work Day and Bike Month.

Clinics and Workshops

Hands-on workshops and informative events on bike safety, how to use PRESTO, finding a carpool partner, trip planning, and more can ease the transition to a better commute.

Commute Program Expertise

We’ll work with you to design custom programming to address your transportation challenges. Our expertise ranges from data collection to feasibility studies for carshare, carpooling or transit subsidies, and implementation of vanpool programs.

Why join

Improve employee recruitment and retention

Nearly 70% of employees at our client workplaces agree their commute experience directly affects their overall job satisfaction.

Meet your ESG goals

Our programs have reduced over one million tonnes of carbon emissions to date.

Help reduce employees' commuting expenses

Using more sustainable forms of commuting is always more affordable than driving alone. Smart Commute will help reduce your employees’ commuting expenses. 

Jesse Han
Business Development Manager

(647) 457-0338


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