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This year, Bike Month took place from June 1 to June 30 across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). Bike Month is an annual celebration of all things cycling, with various group rides, webinars, and contests taking place throughout the month. Due to the pandemic, much of the programming and events for the past two Bike Months have taken place virtually.  

The Opportunity

As we recover from the pandemic, pointA views Bike Month as a great opportunity to re-energize and engage with participants inperson. During the pandemic, interest in cycling surged as it was picked up both recreationally and as an alternative to driving¹. As a result, the GTHA has invested in cycling infrastructure and residents continue to show willingness to try cycling. pointA can support the transition to safe cycling through in person outreach and education. 

How pointA helped

pointA delivers the Smart Commute program in North Toronto and Vaughan. To support Smart Commute workplaces and employees pointA hosted several outreach events, and a webinar. During the outreaches, pointA promoted cycling and other modes of sustainable transportation by providing free resources, such as Toronto and York Region Cycling Maps, Cycling Skills, and York Region Trail guides. A breadth of resources meant we were able to support a diverse group of attendees. We distributed prizes and cycling accessories such as bike bells and reflectors to incentivize participants to resume or continue cycling. Attendees were also encouraged to take part in Bike Month by cycling and logging their trip on the Smart Commute app during the month of June. To support those who could not attend in person, pointA held a webinar to discuss bike maintenance, cycling safety, and commuting by bike. 

To support other regions and TMAs, we promoted cycling events and webinars taking place across the region. We also promoted City of Toronto’s Bike Month Bingo Card which encouraged participants to ride a Bike Share bike, take part in a group ride, cycle with family, and other cycling activities, for a chance to win prizes.  


Overall, this year’s Bike Month can be considered a huge success since we were able to hold a greater number of in person outreaches. Connecting with attendees in person led to a more enriching Bike Month with opportunities for deeper discussions and demonstrations. 


Events held throughout the month


Participants engaging with the booth


Prizes won by attendees


Resources on sustainable commuting distributed

Additionally, pointA was able to support participants by answering questions such as:  

  • Where is the best place to purchase a bike?  
  • Where is the best place to rent a bike in the city of Toronto? 
  • Are helmets mandatory for cycling or just encouraged? 
  • What are the best cycling routes for beginners? 

We hosted Bike Month events and created programming for the following clients:  

To take part in next year’s Bike Month celebrations, look out for announcements on pointA’s Twitter. Interested in joining Smart Commute and having your organization take part in Bike Month 2024? Schedule a free 15-minute call today to learn more.  

1. Budi, Didik Rilastiyo, et al. “Cycling during COVID-19 Pandemic: Sports or Lifestyle?” International Journal of Human Movement and Sports Sciences, vol. 9, no. 4, 2021, pp. 765–771, https://doi.org/10.13189/saj.2021.090422.

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