How to get certified

Best Workplaces for Commuters (BWC) is a natural choice to meet your needs. Start the easy to follow process today to achieve the BWC designation

Step 1: Select Your Benefits

Determine how many of the BWC requirements your workplace meets and explore the options to meet the designation requirements. Get in touch if you require additional support and we can provide a free consultation.

Step 2: Get Certified

Work with our team to implement commuting programs that meet the needs of your employees. Apply for the designation between June and November each year.

Step 3: Get Recognized

Every January, the list of workplaces is released on the Best Workplaces website and your workplace will be recognized across North America.

Step 1: Select Your Benefits

To qualify for the BWC designation, work with pointA to determine which of the following transportation benefits are best suited for your workplace. For additional support, connect with Joseph Elkhoury Sfeir, Sales Development Manager for BWC. 

*Prices vary, contact us to learn more

Step 2: Get Certified

After working with pointA to select your benefits, get started with the certification process.

Complete Assessment

Determine which of the requirements are most cost-effective and useful for your organization. This also sets the baseline for measuring BWC's impact at your organization.

Programs & Services

Based on the assessment's results, pointA will work with your organization to implement the offerings that meet the designation requirements.

Submit Your Application

pointA will work with you to complete the BWC membership application during the qualifying period (June 1 to November 30).

Step 3: Get Recognized

BWC Members that meet the Standard of Excellence, offering high level commuter benefits, will exclusively receive: 


  • International public recognition for being commuter-friendly and socially responsible. 
  • Employer name included on National List Release during January each year. 
  • Downloadable certificate to display your elite status year-round. 
  • Exclusive use of the BWC logo on your website and materials.

Access to Tools & Resources

Access to Tools & Resources
  • Access to the BWC online members portal, including promotional tools, webinars, and more. 
  • Free and discounted professional development opportunities for employees.
  • Web-based tools to help you calculate the overall financial, environmental, and traffic improvements associated with your commuter benefits. 

Meet Industry Experts

Meet Industry Experts
  • Web conferences and training to help you implement commuter benefits. 
  • Networking opportunities with peers and experts in the field to exchange ideas and learn new strategies. 

Joseph Elkhoury Sfeir

Business Development Manager

(613) 2976039 


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