Everything You Need to Know About the Weston UP Express Station

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Written by Dagmar Ivanenko, Volunteer Writer

The UP Express train connecting Union Station and Pearson Airport is more than just a link between two major transit hubs in 25 minutes, it’s a quick route to interesting and thriving spots in Etobicoke and west Toronto as well. If you need to catch a connecting train or flight, heading into the office downtown or just looking to explore different areas of the city – the UP Express is by far the easiest, most reliable and sustainable mode of transportation in Toronto.

Weston Station

Located in the northwest region of Toronto, Weston Station is situated adjacent to the Humber River, full of bike trails and walking paths. Using the UP Express train, Weston Station is 11 minutes from Pearson Airport and 14 minutes from Union Station.

Weston station is accessible from Lawrence Avenue and the main entrance, from Weston Road. The main entrance includes a taxi drop off area, day parking, TTC bus stations and bike lock up areas.

Weston Station Travel Time Comparison Chart*

Transportation Type Travel Time
Weston to Pearson Airport
Travel Time
Weston to Union
UP Express 11 mins 14 mins
Car 15 – 20 mins 25 mins – 1 hr
TTC 37 mins 52 mins
Bike 38 mins 59 mins

*Travel time estimates based on Google Maps

UP Express Ticket Info

Use your PRESTO Card to tap on and off during your trip! Be careful to tap your card on the PRESTO reader for the UP Express, not the GO Train, before you board. If you don’t have a PRESTO Card you can easily purchase a ticket for the UP Express at the various kiosks near each entrance to the station or online ahead of time. You can also load your PRESTO at the station.

Navigating Weston Station

Upon first entering the station, you will notice signs for the UP Express train and the GO train as this station is used by both train lines. Following the UP Express signs will take you to platform 1, 2 or 3 depending on the direction you wish to travel. You may have to use the tunnel pathway under the train tracks to get to Platform 1 and 2 – this is very easily accessible via ramps, stairs and an elevator connecting the tunnel level to the platforms.

Weston Station Amenities

A ticket booth, information centre and washrooms are located near the Weston Road entrance beside Platform 3. Throughout the station there are tv screens displaying the train departure and arrival times which are constantly updated. The platform waiting area is equipped with the PRESTO Card tap on/off checkpoints, the train departure/arrival monitors, several outdoor benches and a small glass enclosed shelter with more seating for windy days or winter commutes.

Navigating the UP Express Train

The UP Express train is designed for quick trips for any amount of baggage. Near the train doors there are shelves to hold large bags or items to keep the aisles clear – very handy for luggage! Sometimes, an UP Express ticket checker may scan your PRESTO Card or ticket to validate your ride. Just keep the ticket or PRESTO Card easily available to retrieve if needed! Once you arrive at your destination, tap your PRESTO Card on your way out to end your trip.

The UP Express train is the perfect way to efficiently travel between major transportation hubs and explore pockets of the city!

Learn more about the UP Express here.

Weston Station is undergoing improvements to add more service to the Kitchener GO Train line. Learn more about construction at the station here.

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